Leather Care

We guarantee our products for 12 months but with the proper care, we know that they will last for years beyond that.

All our leather bags are handmade and hand-dyed, this can lead to some minor variations in size and colour. For further information about the leather making process please visit our Leather Production page. As no two hides are the same, no two bags are the same. This is all part of what makes Berber Leather bags such a unique product.

Breaking in your Bag

The leather may be stiff to start with, especially around the clasps and hardware, however, this will soften over time and with use. Some of our products such as our purses that take cards will take time for the leather to soften and stretch to their full capacity. This will start to happen the first time you use your new Berber Leather Product, and we recommend not forcing too much into our bags when you first use them as this can cause the leather to overstretch and become damaged.

Our satchels are designed to take the weight of most modern laptops and paperwork; but we recommend not overfilling these bags, as these leads to unnecessary strain on the straps.

Leather Odour

The natural leather smell can be stronger when you first receive your bag, this is completely normal for a naturally dyed leather product. This smell will fade after a week or two. If you wish to speed up this process, we recommend putting a small sachet of lavender in your bag for a few days. You can also use saddle soap to remove the leather odour; however, we do not recommend this for our coloured leathers as it can remove the dye.

Caring for the Leather

Berber Leather products are all made with full-grain leather. This type of leather is the strongest and most durable leather that you can purchase. Because of this, full-grain leather can withstand a large amount of handling and will develop a beautiful patina with more use. However, if you wish to protect your bag or belt, we recommend buying a natural leather care product and regularly treating your bag to keeping it looking fantastic. For more information about the leather, we use in our products click here.

Our leather bags can survive getting wet in light rain especially as the leather has a tight enough grain to be naturally resistant to moisture. If your bag does get wet make sure you dry it out in a warm room, do not dry it out on a direct source of heat such as a radiator as this can cause the leather to crack. If you believe your bag will be used a lot in wet areas, it may be worthwhile waterproofing your bag as a lot of exposure to water over time can cause damage to the leather.

Should you get your bag dirty or spill anything on it, we recommend cleaning it gently with a damp cloth and leaving it to dry at room temperature.

If you decide to treat your bag, we recommend testing a small area unseen area of the bag, to begin with, and leave for 24 hours to check there are no unwanted reactions. We cannot take any responsibility for any damage caused by the application of creams or oils to your bag. We cannot refund or exchange any bag that has had this treatment applied.