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Berber Leather - Handmade Leather Bags from Morocco

Quality Leather Bags

Welcome to Berber Leather. We specialise in high quality leather satchels, bags and accessories that are practical, yet stylish, for today's busy world.

Our handmade leather bags are the perfect accessory for your outfit, business or pleasure. We have a range of styles to suit all occasions, from satchels to purses; belts to luggage.

We currently have FREE POSTAGE AND PACKAGING for all UK orders so there's no time like the present to visit our Shop to see our current ranges.

Leather Care

We guarantee all of our laptop and tablet bags for a year but with the proper care we know that they will last for years beyond that.

All our leather bags are handmade and dyed, this can lead to some variation in size and colour. For further information about the leather making process please visit our Leather Production page. As no two hides are the same, no two bags are the same. This is all part of what makes Berber Leather bags such a unique product.

The leather may be stiff to start with, especially around the clasps, however this will soften over time and with use.

Our leather bags can survive getting wet in light rain however they are best kept in a cool dry place. If your bag does get wet it can be dried in a warm room. Do not try it out on a direct source of heat such as a radiator as this can cause the leather to crack.

We cannot take any responsibility for any damage caused by the application of creams or oils to your bag. We cannot refund or exchange any bag that has had this treatment applied

Leather Odour

The natural leather smell can be a bit stronger when you first receive your bag, this is completely normal for a naturally dyed leather bag. This smell will fade after a week or two. If you wish to speed up this process we recommend putting a small sachet of lavender in your bag for a few days.

Caring for the Leather

Over time your leather will lose moisture due to every day use and handling. As this happens the leather becomes at risk of cracking. To prevent this from happening we recommend buying a natural leather care product and regularly treating your bag to keeping it looking fantastic.

If you believe your bag will be used a lot in wet areas, it may be worthwhile waterproofing your bag as a lot of exposure to water can cause damage to the leather.

If you decide to treat your bag, we recommend testing a small area unseen area of the bag to begin with and leave for 24 hours to check there are no unwanted reactions.